Coolroom doors
& Freezer doors

At Stroeven Holdings Ltd our many years of experience in the food industry enables us to manufacture and supply all types of insulated panel doors for cool rooms, chillers, fire doors and more.

We manufacture standard hinged and sliding insulated panel doors. We also design specialist doors to suit unusual and difficult applications, such as at Kelly Tarltons, large bi-folding sets and over-lappers for aviation and horticultural applications.

  • Sliding doors, Hinged doors and Bi-part doors
  • Freezer doors, Chiller doors and Meat-rail doors
  • Process room doors and Transport doors
  • Personnel doors
  • One-off designs for those hard-to-do applications

We can also supply and install a large variety of associated industry doors e.g. flexible strip curtains, swing doors, etc.

Insulated Sliding Doors

Our insulated sliding doors can be made in 50 mm or 100 mm thick and are designed for use in -40 to +45 degrees.

Panels are made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) or polyurethane core (PIR) and clad with galvanised steel which can be painted to your chosen colour. The robust design and sturdy materials along with smart design means the doors are durable and breakdowns are practically non-existent.

Cool Doors